Amongst employees of AMK Kraków S.A. there are numerous cycling fans, therefore we participate for the second time in the campaign “Cycle to work, that is, home, bike, work … and so on, round and round” organized by the Municipal Services Department of the City of Kraków.

Professionally we take care of the natural  environment by offering flue gas cleaning installations, but also we promote healthy lifestyle and in this way we contribute to reduction of the exhaust gases on a daily basis.

The purpose of the campaign is to promote cycling as a daily means of transport used during travel to and from work, and primarily to reduce the number of cars on the Kraków streets.

AMK KRAKÓW S.A. is a modern engineering company that has been successfully executing even the most complicated projects for more than 30 years now. The company engineers and delivers customized technologies and products complying with IPPC directive, whilst optimizing technical parameters aiming at minimization of the costs of operation.All products and services offered by AMK KRAKÓW S.A conform to the highest quality standards, and during projects implementation the company always respect environmental aspects and safety.

The company provides complex execution of projects from concept through engineering, construction until commissioning and start up including warranty and post-warranty services.