Basic technical data

  • Pipe diameter :
    from 150 to 600mm
  • Length:
    up to 10 km
  • Efficiency :
    up to 800 m3/h

Pipe conveyors

The construction of the pipe conveyor is similar to the conventional through conveyors, namely they consist of a drive station  with the drum drive, return drive with return the drum and tensioning system. They vary in shape and construction from the thorough belt conveyor. The pipe conveyor has a bending  zone in which the upper belt is formed into a  tubular shape and the bottom belt returns to original shape.  The part of the conveyor  route along which the belt is in the tubular form  may have horizontal or vertical bends, as well as their spatial combination.

The application of the pipe conveyors in transport allows to :

  • eliminate spillage of transported material improving  ecology,
  • use routes with spatial bends  eliminating  the need to build multi conveyor transport systems,
  • increase the conveyor inclination by approx. 50% (due to the closure of the material transported in the pipe)