AMK Kraków S.A.

General Contracting

AMK Krakow SA undertakes the general contracting of projects based on both own process solutions as well as technologies provided by the Customer or third parties.

In our role of a general contractor we assist our customers at all phases of project preparation and execution. It means that :

  • project execution is always preceded by a competent and matter-of-fact discussions with the Customer about his needs and expectations;
  • all solutions contained in the documentation are undergo a thorough technical and economical analysis;
  • site manager is at all times backed by team of experienced  engineers.

Project management is supported by the up-to-date computer software for scheduling, budgeting and cost control of investments. The rightness of such  concept has been proved many times in the course of numerous contracts, completed with a joint – the Customer’s and our – success.

 General Contracting activities include:

  • preparation of complex technical documentation
  • equipment supplies
  • site supervision of the erection and assembly
  • start-up, commissioning and handing over